Innovation and Impact: “RNA: Past, Present and Future”

In the most recent episode of Innovation & Impact, titled “RNA: Past, Present and Future,” David F. Meaney, Senior Associate Dean of Penn Engineering and Solomon R. Pollack Professor in Bioengineering, is joined by Mike Mitchell, Associate Professor in Bioengineering, and Noor Momin, who will be joining Penn Engineering as an Assistant Professor in Bioengineering early next year, to discuss the impact that RNA has had on health care and biomedical engineering technologies.

Mitchell outlines his lab’s research that spans drug delivery, new technology in protecting RNA and its applications in treating cancer. Momin details her research, which is focused on optimizing the immune system to protect against illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. With Meaney driving the discussion around larger questions, including the possibility of a cancer vaccine, the three discuss what they are excited about now and where the field is going in the future with these emerging, targeted treatments.

Penn Engineering’s Innovation & Impact podcast, which debuted early this summer, focuses on current tech issues and how our engineers are tackling them through innovative approaches. A member of the engineering faculty hosts each episode and brings on other Penn faculty as thought leaders for inspiring, interdisciplinary conversations on critical and emerging scientific questions.

The first episode brought Michael Kearns, National Center Professor of Management & Technology in Computer and Information Science (CIS), Chris Callison-Burch, Associate Professor in CIS, and Robert Ghrist, Andrea Mitchell University Professor in Electrical and Systems Engineering, together to discuss the growth and impact of generative AI.

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