Daily Pennsylvanian: New Course on Computer Ethics

Daily Pennsylvanian: New Course on Computer Ethics

Ani Nenkova and Michael Kearns

Deena Elul of the Daily Pennsylvanian details a new class on the ethical dimensions of programming, artificial intelligence, and data protection, developed by Computer and Information Science’s Ani Nenkova and Michael Kearns.

As ethical quandaries posed by new technologies and oversights by major tech companies come to the forefront of public discourse, several universities have begun offering courses on the ethics of computer science and artificial intelligence. At Penn, computer and information science professors Ani Nenkova and Michael Kearns are hoping to continue this trend.

Kearns and Nenkova have been developing a course, tentatively titled “Science of Data Ethics,” that they hope to offer to undergraduate students in the spring of the 2018–2019 academic year. The class will focus on ethical issues such as privacy and discrimination in machine learning.

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