Quantum Engineering Lab Member Alex Breitweiser Awarded IBM PhD Fellowship 

Alex Breitweiser
Alex Breitweiser

Alex Breitweiser, a graduate student in the School of Arts & Science’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and member of Penn Engineering’s Quantum Engineering Laboratory, has been awarded an IBM PhD Fellowship.

The IBM PhD Fellowship has a 70-year history of honoring young researchers working at the forefronts of their fields. Breitweiser is one of 24 fellows who have “demonstrated expertise in pioneering research areas, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing, data science, security, hybrid cloud technology, and the next generation of cutting-edge processors.”

Working with Lee Bassett, director of the Quantum Engineering Laboratory and associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, Breitweiser’s research focuses on optically addressable spin qubits and their potential applications to quantum computing and quantum communication.

“Alex has a broad background in physics, mathematics, and computer science,” says Bassett, “and he has a keen sense for the potential of quantum physics to drive new technologies. The IBM fellowship is a fantastic opportunity for him to pursue his own research while interacting with industry experts. The fact that IBM is interested in supporting this type of basic science research also speaks to the rapid progression of quantum engineering, and the need to connect people with different perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds in order to solve hard problems.”

Each application for the fellowship program was reviewed by distinguished technologists from across IBM. Breitweiser and fellow recipients demonstrated “academic excellence as well as provided innovative, exceptional research proposals.”

The fellowship will cover Breitweiser’s tuition and provide a living stipend for two years.