Penn Engineering Online Learning Launches New Specialization

Penn Engineering Online Learning has launched a new Specialization on Coursera that will quickly immerse students in two of the most widely used programming languages, Python and Java, through in-depth coding demonstrations, hands-on coding exercises and assignments with real-world applications.

Called Introduction to Programming with Python and Java, Coursera’s Specializations are a short series of courses that are focused on a particular skill. In this case, the courses will teach basic concepts in Python and ramp up to more complex subjects, such as object-oriented programming and data structures in Java. By the end of the Specialization’s four courses, students will be able to write fully-functional programs in both Python and Java.

Introduction to Programming with Python and Java is for students and professionals who have minimal or no prior programming exposure, and contains content from Penn Engineering Online Learning’s Online Master of Computer and Information Technology degree, MCIT Online.

“Programming will be a transformational force in nearly every industry in the foreseeable future,” says course instructor Brandon Krakowsky, Lecturer for Penn Engineering. “With this Specialization, anyone with determination can quickly get up to speed.”

For more information, visit Penn Engineering Online Learning or the Introduction to Programming with Python and Java course page on Coursera.