Meet James C. Gee, MSE-DS Online Program Director

James C. Gee
James C. Gee

James C. Gee has been immersed in computational analysis and data science ever since he earned his PhD in computer and information science from the University of Pennsylvania. A renowned expert in biomedical image analysis and computing, he runs a lab that’s internationally known for its ability to translate research accomplishments into highly acclaimed open-source software.

Now Gee, a professor of radiologic science in Penn Medicine’s Department of Radiology, is bringing his deep experience in the field to his role as program director for Penn Engineering’s new online Master of Science in Engineering in Data Science (MSE-DS Online).

Gee says the global proliferation of data underscores the need for Penn’s new program.

“A lot of the most challenging problems in the world today can be tackled in part, if not in whole, by the clever use of data,” he says. “We are awash with data, but we need people who can make sense of all this data and deliver on its potential.”

“It’s like when you go to your favorite farmer’s market,” he continues. “There’s an abundance of vegetables and delicious ingredients, but you need cooks. You need people to take that raw material and translate it into delicious food that feeds you and nourishes you and elevates your experience.”

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