Linh Thi Xuan Phan Receives Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching

Linh Thi Xuan Phan

Linh Thi Xuan Phan, associate professor in the department of Computer and Information Science, has received a 2020 Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching.

The Lindback Award is the University’s highest honor for recognizing faculty members’ contributions in the classroom. It traditionally gives out eight such awards each year, divided evenly between health-related disciplines and all other departments and divisions.

“Linh has earned an amazing reputation among our students for her incredible dedication — answering questions online at all hours of the night, and always thinking about how to best support them,” says Zachary Ives, Adani President’s Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer and Information Science. “She has completely transformed the courses she took over, masterfully teaching deep technical material in a way that feels both accessible and practical. She exemplifies what we all strive to be in the classroom.”

Phan works in cyber-physical systems and distributed systems. Her research focuses on theoretical foundations and systems techniques for safety, performance, and security guarantees. Her research has received several awards, including the NSF CAREER Award, the Dean’s Graduate Excellence Award from the National University of Singapore, and several best paper and outstanding paper awards at conferences such as RTAS, RTSS and EMSOFT.

Phan has served on the Executive Committee of the IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Future of Computing Academy, and she is currently the Secretary-Treasurer of ACM’s Special Interest Group on Embedded Systems, SIGBED.

The Lindback Awards for Distinguished Teaching at the University of Pennsylvania were established in 1961 with the help of the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation.