Bomyi Lim Receives KIChE President Young Investigator

Bomyi Lim
Bomyi Lim

Bomyi Lim, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Biomolecular Engineering, has been selected by the U.S. Chapter of the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE) as the recipient of the KIChE President Young Investigator Award. As a recipient of this Award, Lim will be invited to present a research talk at the KIChE Open Forum during the AIChE Conference.

KIChE is an organization that aims “to promote constructive and mutually beneficial interactions among Korean Chemical Engineers in the U.S. and facilitate international collaboration between engineers in the U.S. and Korea.”

Lim is interested in the regulation of chemical kinetics in biological systems, especially in understanding how inherently stochastic gene expression dynamics are “tamed” to produce reliable cellular outcomes. Precise control of dynamic gene activity is important in preventing mis-regulation that could cause serious developmental defects. The Lim lab uses a combination of molecular experiments, quantitative live imaging, kinetic modeling, and other fundamental engineering principles to obtain spatio-temporal control of gene activity. These interdisciplinary studies will provide important insights into general gene-expression phenomena that underlie development, metabolism, and disease.