Robotics MicroMasters Starts Up April 17

Robotics MicroMasters Starts Up April 17

Beginning on April 17, Penn Engineering and the GRASP Laboratory will offer a new series of online courses in robotics as part of edX’s “MicroMasters” program.

From the edX blog:

We’ve all encountered robots in one form or another.

You may have taken a ride on a driverless airport shuttle or watched a vacuum cleaner chase dust bunnies in your living room. And yet the field of robotics has potential far beyond these day-to-day conveniences. Indeed, the faculty at Penn Engineering believe that robots can help us tackle some of the massive challenges that we face as a human civilization, particularly in the fields of manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and agriculture. For example, drones have the ability to map assets on the ground, helping us to increase the efficiency of food production in ways that we haven’t thought about yet.

“Robots have the capacity to shape the world in ways we can’t even predict,” said Penn Engineering’s Director of Online Education, Ruth Yalom Stone Professor and instructor of Vision Intelligence and Machine Learning, Kostas Daniilidis. “It is important for a broad range of people to have access to the fundamentals of robotics so that they can bring diverse perspectives to problems we will encounter in the future. Our goal is to give learners the tools they need to respond with technical expertise, creativity and agile problem-solving skills.”

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