Robert Carpick Earns AVS Nanotechnology Recognition Award

Robert Carpick
Robert Carpick

Robert Carpick, John Henry Towne Professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, has received the Nanotechnology Recognition Award from the Nanoscale Science and Technology Division (NSTD) of AVS, an interdisciplinary professional society centered on the fields of materials, interfaces, and processing.

The Nanotechnology Recognition Award “recognizes members of NSTD for outstanding scientific and technical contributions in the science of fabrication, characterization, and fundamental research employing nanometer-scale structures, scanning probe microscopy, technology transfer involving nanometer-scale structures, and/or the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and development in these areas.”

Carpick, who also has an appointment in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of tribology, the study of how surfaces behave as they move against one another. Carpick’s research group is particularly interested in nanotribology, which investigates the fundamental mechanisms of friction, adhesion, wear, and lubrication at the smallest scales. 

The Award, along with a cash prize and certificate, will be presented at the AVS International Symposium in October. Carpick will also deliver a plenary lecture, “Seeing the Hidden Interface: Revealing Nanoscale Mechanisms of Contact, Adhesion, and Friction by in situ Experiments,” at the symposium.