MCIT Online Students Build Community in Online Learning

Penn Engineering’s MCIT Online degree, hosted on Coursera, prepares students without a computer science background to launch rewarding careers in the computing and technology industries. This 100% online program also helps students passionate about their current field — whether it’s business, music, or product management — learn how to harness the power of technology to drive innovation. MCIT Online students get the same top-quality instruction provided by the on-campus program and graduate with the exact same degree, but with the benefit of learning on their own schedule from anywhere in the world.

Hear from current MCIT Online students as they discuss the community in online learning, the opportunities they received even before graduating, and how they balance work and studying.


Angela Wen enrolled in the MCIT Online program in January 2019. Between living in multiple parts of the world since starting the degree, and building a community with her fellow students from dozens of different countries, Angela has benefited from MCIT Online’s uniquely global structure. Since starting Penn Engineering’s first online student club, Angela has secured three high-profile internships to launch herself into a new field.


Nikhil Maddirala majored in Philosophy as an undergraduate. After graduation, he became a Management Consultant, got his MBA, and started working in product management at Adobe. He chose the MCIT Online degree because it will increase his skill set in the tech industry and boost his credibility among his professional peers. Nikhil is an active participant in the MCIT Online Slack community and regularly connects with fellow Bay Area students about his topic of interest, entrepreneurship.


April Hishinuma studies MCIT Online part-time while working full time as a Research Analyst at a healthcare startup company. She has already started to use her MCIT Online skills in her job, and she has enjoyed contributing as a teaching assistant for MCIT Online classes. She especially loves big coding projects when she can use her creativity to create mobile apps.


Shruti Mirashi completed her bachelor’s degree and her master’s degree in India. After a move to the United States, continuing in her career would have meant years of additional schooling. Instead of repeating what she had already done, she decided to pivot to the Computer Science industry by enrolling in MCIT Online. She was pleasantly surprised by the camaraderie and support that she has received from the community of MCIT Online students.


The MCIT Online program fosters a rich and inclusive community for students, granting access to core services from Penn Engineering that support their well-being and future career goals. These resources, combined with a strong alumni network, prepare students from a variety of professional backgrounds to succeed in the tech industry.