Episode 3 of Innovation & Impact: Energy and Sustainability

Will humanity achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050? How can machine learning help address challenges in renewable energy? What steps can engineers take now and in the future to tackle climate change? 

In this episode of Innovation & Impact, host Cherie Kagan, Stephen J. Angelo Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE) and Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), speaks to three guests about energy and sustainability.

Christopher Murray, Richard Perry University Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science, develops materials at the nanoscale—measured in billionths of a meter—that can help improve solar panels, as well as magnetic materials that generate electricity.

Ben Lee, Professor of Computer and Information Science (CIS) and Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE), works on computer architecture, with the goal of making machine learning and AI more energy efficient. 

Lei Gu, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering, focuses on improving the performance of electrical systems, which can increase the efficiency of supercomputers, medical devices and more. 

Penn Engineering’s Innovation & Impact podcast shares insight from leading experts at Penn and Penn Engineering on science, technology and medicine. 

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